30,000 Subscriber Milestone! Huge Thank You!

I honestly cannot believe that my little Disney Youtube channel has grown to 30,000 subscribers in the past few months. I am completely shocked and incredibly thankful!

There are so many people that have helped me and my channel grow and I wanted to take a quick moment to thank them all! If I forget you in the list below, please forgive me!

Nate Begle – My best friend and brother, a true support system for me and my content. I don’t honestly know where I’d be without you!

Art Vega – A mentor in creativity and production value, your wisdom has made my content so much better!

Greg Pollock – The one who got me into this whole mess, your support behind the scenes for year has allowed me to seriously grow and make better web content for the fans of Toys To Life!

PackAttack04082 – A great friend and mentor to a young Youtube channel that is still growing. 

JayShockBlast – The one and only Jay has continued to get my back when the community gets aggressive and I need some help fighting them off. 

CoinOpTV – An early partner in the game when I was just starting to grow, helping me with all the ins and outs of Youtube. 

REZD.tv – Between Lloyd & Will treating me with respect and helping to expose me to the amazing communities surrounding the games we love, I am incredibly in their debt. 

Infiniteer Adventures – Thanks for being the push I needed to step up my game and produce better content. 

Rob Pollock – A wealth of info regarding Marvel that I cannot even begin to thank. He has helped me with so much background and info, in addition to being a wonderful and sane sounding board for my crazy ideas. 

Just2Good – Thanks for helping me with the behind the scenes LEGO news and leaks! 

Jason Inquires – Initially a competitor, soon to be relative, I appreciate all the help you’ve shared. 

Evilos – Your masterful art style and friendship has been a huge help in the past! 

Professor Brick Keeper – The guru of LEGO behind the scenes who keeps my head on straight and me in the know. 

Pirate Steve – A pirate through and through, you’ve been a great new pal throughout this wild ride. 

Defunctland, DSNY Newscast, Talk Bricks – New Youtube friends with amazing promise and great content that continue to inspire me! 

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