A Disney Dan History Lesson!

Whats going on Disney Fans it’s Disney Dan here with a brand new website!

For close to a year I’ve been planning to build a companion website for my growing Youtube Channel and finally got around to putting one together.

I doubt anyone will specifically read this little thing I am writing here BUT the site needs a first post so here it is… a quick history on how I came to be here with this great growing channel with all you awesome fans!

In the beginning this channel was born out of my love for Disney Infinity. I had always wanted to write and had put together a simple guide for price matching great deals found at various retailers for Disney Infinity toys and shared it on Reddit. At the time, a man who would grow to become a close friend suggested to his boss, the owner of a site called Disney Infinity Codes, that he offer me a spot writing for his new Toys To Life website.

After a few months partnering and writing with Greg, the lord of the Toys To Life deals my fans have been using for Infinity & Dimensions for many years, the owner of the Disney Infinity site decided to sell it and focus on other simpler games. I jumped at the opportunity and bought the site.

Over a year later when Disney Infinity began to falter and inevitably get cancelled, I shifted gears to my second favorite Toys To Life game, LEGO Dimensions, and built a site called Bricks To Life.

The combined success of these two sites helped to grow my Youtube channel and eventually I would hit my firsts milestone of 10k subscribers.

Over the next year, I’d cover various toys, LEGO Dimensions news, various Disney easter eggs and move my popular audio only Puppetry podcast that I co-hosted into a live video format on the channel.

Then my first popular video hit, a quick reference guide on how to unlock all the secret characters in Disney Crossy Road for it’s initial launch. That incredibly awesome mobile game helped grow my channel in all sorts of ways, and I continue to thank that community for helping me become who I am today.

Earlier this year I had a photo shared with my by my parents of my first trip to Disney as a child and I got to noticing how different that Mickey Mouse in the photo looked, so I started researching how the character’s costume had evolved, which opened up new doors for me in my new popular DIStory (A Disney History) video series.

Along the way I had a ton of help, new friendships were made and I was even able to help showcase new talents in games and art.

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support and growth as the channel hits 30,000 subscribers as of yesterday, August 29th.

I look forward to making all sorts of new videos in the future for you all!

Thanks for reading, and as always… you rock.

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