DIStory Ep. 1 – The Evolution Of Mickey Mouse In Disney Theme Parks

It all started with a mouse… a Mickey Mouse! The first video in our very popular series of Disney History, we take a look back the evolution of the Mickey Mouse costume both in and out of Disney Theme Parks for close to 80 years.

While today’s Mickey is all cute and cuddly, some of the original Mickey costumes may leave you with nightmares!

From the soft fabric look he sported at the red carpet of Snow White’s premier in the 1930s to the animatronic magic from the steps of Cinderella’s castle in the┬áMagic Kingdom… Mickey has undergone a ton of different looks and changes.

Go back in time and check out the amazing (and sometimes scary) history of Mickey Mouse in Disney Theme Parks with Episode 1 of DIStory (A Disney History Lesson)

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