DIStory Ep 9. – The Evolution of Chip & Dale In Disney Parks

Chip & Dale are two classic mischievous characters who have been favorites in our hearts for decades. First appearing in Disney shorts back in the early 40s, the two crazy chipmunks would become legendary for their wild antics and silly pranks (played mostly on Donald).

It would take several years for the characters to gain their own individual personalities and eventual fame from their first appearance in Private Pluto to their own featured short “Chip an’ Dale”, but the two were almost instant classics and were used constantly by Disney animators.

Chip & Dale Costume Evolution Disney Dan Ice Capades

First seen as costumed characters in the Disney featured segments of the Ice Capades in the late 1950s, the two chipmunks joined by their love interest Clarice would be part of the opening of Disneyland in 1955.

They would go on to have many versions of costumes, some bland and literally just copies of the same chipmunk suit… some fun and unique with wacky costumes and wild hair.

Chip & Dale Christmas Show Articulated Head Costume Evolution

Chip & Dale continue to be seen in the parks today, including being one of the few characters to be upgraded into the fully articulated head versions seen in stage shows at the parks.

Check out the full history below in Ep. 9 of DIStory (A Disney History Lesson)

(Please pardon me with mixing up the names of the boys a few times in the video. My brain turned to mush after researching them for so long and I made a few typos in the script. My apologies!)

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